Sheltered by a castle is a treasure among the hills

 Montegalda used to be called Mons Gaudii, meaning mount of pleasure and joy. This explains why various illustrious figures, such as Antonio Fogazzaro, chose to live here.

Straddled between the lands of Vicenza and Padua, and settled at the feet of a low-lying group of isolated sloping areas of the Euganean and Berico Hills, Montegalda is a small town surrounded by manors and woods.
It is considered an architectural and natural treasure.

Steeped in mystery and tradition, Montegalda hosts seven hills and seven churches. However, the true symbol of the town is Villa Grimani-Marcello-Sorlini. This is Montegalda´s medieval castle, which was at the center of many dramatic  conflicts. It was first mentioned in 1176.

Montegalda also offers genuine flavors at the dining table. Specialized cultivations include vineyards for the production of classic wines.

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