Lake Garda, or Benaco, is the largest in Italy.
Its wider part to the south is surrounded by morainic hills that were left following the glacier recession, while the narrow northern part is enclosed by the mountains that create its fjord- shape configuration and provide a very mild Mediterranean climate.

The luminous environment, temperate climate and flourishing vegetation – mainly olive and lemon groves, palms, cypresses, oleanders and orange trees – along with the majestic landscapes are the background to the remarkable historical and cultural remains spread all around.

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Lying on the south-eastern banks of Lake Garda, Gardaland Park is the No. 1 Amusement Park in Italy.

The amusement park is built upon themed areas reminiscent of the realms of history and geography, of space and fantasy, thanks to detailed scenographic reconstructions.

The great variety of attractions and shows will satisfy a truly diversified crowd: from early childhood to adolescence, all the way to the more mature age group.

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