We will be happy to organize your business meetings and conferences here at our inn, combined with on-site tours of the distillery and with grappa tastings.

Grappa opens the door to a world of intriguing fragrances and flavors, eliciting extraordinary sensations in those who truly appreciate and understand their deepest essence. Take advantage of your vacation and visit the oldest artisanal distillery in Italy. At Brunello Distillery, we’ll take you on a journey through history and stills, followed by special tastings of our grappa. This experience will encompass all your senses.



Our guests will have the opportunity to purchase some of the best products of our farm and surrounding areas, such as fine wine, homemade salami and jams, vegetables preserved in oil and, last but not least, the renowned Grappa by Brunello.



At our inn, we hold grappa tasting events and culinary classes. We also promote educational activities addressed to young students and children.

It is possible to schedule an appointment to visit Distilleria Brunello, known as the oldest artisanal distillery in Italy. There, you can learn more about the noble art of grappa distillation and production.