Our inn offers a warm and family-like atmosphere. Our large parking lot makes it easy to arrive. It has shaded parking and can also be used for RV parking. There is only one main entrance to the inn and we provide the key to it.

Our inn features six rooms, each with private bathroom. The rooms were built in an old hayloft and were completely remodeled with care and attention to detail.

For us, members of the Brunello family, respect for our traditions does not mean giving up the comforts of modernity: all the inn’s rooms feature air conditioning, television and free Wi-Fi.

Our guests find plenty of opportunities to relax and fully enjoy their vacation: playing sports, going for a walk, attending events and festivals, or even joining a cultural tour in the surrounding areas.

In addition to lodging, our inn is renowned for the food. Our menu mainly consists of vegetable-based dishes. We are not trying to follow trends: we simply believe in offering what our generous farm yields, season after season.

Our guests have the opportunity to purchase some of the best products of the Vicenza province, such as fine wine, homemade salami and jams, vegetables preserved in oil and, last but not least, the renowned Grappa by Brunello.