Colli Berici


The balmy and winding Berico Hills rise out of the mists of the Po valley. It’s a small enclosed stretch of land with mountains to the north. It was the site of many bloody battles during the world wars.

Vicenza sits upon this group of hills, originating from the depths of an ancient sea during a timespan of at least a hundred million years.

Monte Berico is an important summit of the province, which is a vast and multifaceted land, whose common denominator is the peculiarities of each individual district.

To date, there are countless eateries to be discovered while wandering through the area. These family-run restaurants are culinary havens. There are also numerous inns that offer a farmhouse setting with traditional dishes featuring strong, full-bodied flavors.

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Lumignano sits on the Berico Hills and is one of the most important rock climbing centers in Northern Italy. There, you’ll find a cliff that is not only appreciated for the climbing experience per se and for its rock quality, but also for its difficulty and for the historical value of many of its trails.

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