“When you reach the Switzerland of the Veneto, a new world invites you in. Here, you’ll find a patchwork of pastures over the Seven Townships from seven centuries ago, governed by their own laws, free from Great Venice”.

(Italian journalist Paolo Rumiz)

In the wide panorama of the Veneto mountains, the Plateau of the Seven Townships, also known as Asiago Plateau, is one of the most elegant destinations for tourists to go to, in winter and summer alike.

With its unspoiled nature, the tranquility that characterizes it, the warm hospitality of its inhabitants, the numerous accommodations available and the most diverse entertainment options, the Asiago Plateau offers a holiday full of fun, sports and relaxation, in winter as in summer.

In addition to its natural beauty and pristine air, this area also has places of great historical interest relating to the Great War, such as the War Memorial, the war cemeteries, the trenches and the bunkers that can be seen along trails that you can take on foot, by bicycle or cross-country skiing, depending on the season.

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